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Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel machine manufacturer from china

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Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production line in china

Sinowa is a well-known manufacturer and technical service provider of high-end polyurethane insulation board production lines and various high-performance cold roll forming machine in China. Our main products include polyurethane double-sided color steel sandwich panel production line, polyurethane and phenolic soft facing insulation panel production line and high-efficiency roll forming lines.

For more than ten years, relying on our innovative manufacturing concept and excellence in quality, reliable and trustworthy service to customers, we cooperate with customers all over the world, exported products to Canada, South Korea, Israel, Australia, the Middle East and other more than 20 countries and regions. contributed to building energy conservation and low-carbon production and have won widespread praise.

Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel machine from china

Sinowa has invested outstanding efforts in both the insulation board production line and the roll forming line, This is why our products are more efficiency, quality, automatic control technology, environmental protection, energy consumption indicators and the appearance and safety protection are comprehensively leading, Some subversive design changes in many major technical points,these major innovations make our products excellent in price/performance and user experience.

Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production line suppliers in china

Since 2014, we have established our cold forming production line design and manufacturing department, started our R&D and production of high-end cold forming equipment. Base on our innovative and high-end and efficient product concepts,In just a few years, we have created our own impressive achievements in this field. Whether ordinary construction products of cold forming machine, or precision steel pipe equipment, elevator profile equipment, automotive profile equipment, precision door and window profile equipment, we are the leader of Chinese equipment with high efficiency, high quality and beautiful appearance design.

Continuous PU/PIR sandwich panel production line made in china

In the process of innovation gradually accumulated valuable experience and harvest growth, we are more confident and passionate, we have more than 100 patents and independent intellectual property rights which are constantly being created and updated every day. we are on the way to provide the world's first-class products to you and dedicated to your trust and attention.

We always position our products in a very high standard, strictly optimize every design for more progress. Our continuous innovation, continuous improvement of the technical design principles make us improved product updates and always pay attention to high efficiency, energy saving and stability, reduce customer worries, become their reliable business partners.

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