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Roof & Wall Panel Roll Forming Machine

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The roof and wall panel roll forming machine developed and manufactured by Sinowa is highly cost-effective. Despite a short history in this field, we would conclude our counterparts’ experience and learn lessons from them, making constant innovation and sustained improvement on our products to excel our counterparts and taking the leading in terms of quality and efficiency.

We are not only making devices but try our best to build up the customer’s confidence in us and commit to fulfilling the customer’s demands in their production systems.

The roof panel roll forming production line is user-friendly in terms of design, manufacture, marketing and training. We are already the best but are still trying to accomplish for a higher goal.

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Sinowa has a wide variety of metal roof and wall panel line with unique designs to serve our customers worldwide.

According to different requirements, we adopt a series of wall panel roll forming machines with different designs and provide high cost-effective roof and wall line for our customers.

According to the customer's budget, we have different level, (low, medium, high) of products for customer to choose, but also as far as possible according to the different needs of customers' production and budget making proper production schedule of production line. Production line speed of up to 150m/min. We strive to make each production line is the highest cost-effective products and services to our customers, resolve their requested as soon as possible.

metal roof panel roll forming machines,metal roof panel production line

Our metal roof and wall panel line has many different configurations available for users to choose. Each line can be configured with uncoiler, per-cut, automatic stacker, which can be used together with the main machine to provide full automatic production.

We are dedicated to the design and manufacture of every single component, ensuring that they have a lasting quality. Not only that, our metal roof panel machine has dozens of varieties for customer to choose freely, or we can also provide customers with constructive product suggestions.

Incorporating the world's latest and greatest trends into our latest designs, we are able to tailor our roof panel product lines to meet the needs of our customers.

metal wall panel roll forming machines,metal wall panel production line

Incorporated with the leading control system technology, parameter setting is easy and convenient with a high level of automation for the system to become powerfully self-learning.

All control components come from top international brands with high efficiency and stability as well as user-friendly HMI.

With all the processing of the roof panel machine racks completed at one time and the reliance on advanced machine tools to ensure precision in fitting the dimensions and positions of the parts, our wall panel forming machines hardly need repeated calibration and have little reliance on personnel.

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