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Basic knowledge of pu insulation board in the process of production and processing

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-08-09/Keywords: pu insulation board

PU insulation board is a very common environmental protection and energy saving board nowadays, because it has considerable performance advantages, and it is quite convenient in the process of construction and installation.

Therefore, in the past few years, we can find that this type of sheet has considerable performance, and the scope of application is also quite wide.

The first thing to note is that during the production and processing of polyurethane insulation panels, no one is allowed to smoke or use open flames in the workshops where polyurethane sandwich panels are produced and processed.

pu insulation board

Some related fire-fighting equipment must also be placed in the pre-designated location and must not be left. Any staff must be well aware of the location of the fire-fighting equipment and must not move it casually.

In the process of production and processing of polyurethane sheets, some other equipment will be used, and the tools that need to be used during processing. The power connection of these equipment must also comply with relevant regulations and standards, and cannot be carried out at will. Connection must ensure the effective progress of construction.

Relevant staff must have professional qualification certificates for processing production or construction before they can go to the corresponding positions to carry out the corresponding work. Personnel who do not have the relevant qualifications cannot operate such professional production equipment at will.

pu insulation board

Before starting the production equipment of polyurethane insulation board, the performance and parts of the production line equipment must be checked sequentially to see if they all meet the required standards.

If there are any faults, you need to start again after troubleshooting the faults. This will ensure that the production of the panels is better and the quality is more guaranteed, so that the quality of the later construction has a reliable guarantee.

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