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Composition and application of PU Sandwich Panel production line machine

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PU Sandwich Panel production line machine is a special mechanical equipment for processing color steel thermal insulation Sandwich Panel with gas, electricity and machinery as a whole. The working speed adopts frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, and can be combined into corrugated Sandwich Panel at one time. The whole set of equipment is purchased by the discharging machine, including pressing mechanism, composite mechanism (rib pressing, gluing, heating, composite, crimping, slotting, trimming, pneumatic, etc.), Automatic cutting).

PU Sandwich Panel Machine

PU Sandwich Panel production line machine is a new building material with high strength, light weight, heat insulation, durability and beautiful appearance, which is formed by pressing color coated steel coil and compounding it on both sides of thicker inner core material with strong adhesive. It is widely used in the top floor and wall of light steel structure buildings. The product has bright color and no secondary decoration. It is an indispensable equipment for the production of roof and wall panels in industrial plants and warehouses.

PU Sandwich Panel Machine

PU Sandwich Panel production line machine is in a certain line of continuous delivery of goods handling machinery, also known as the conveyor line or conveyor. According to the conveying series, the products can be divided into seven types: belt assembly line, plate chain line, multiple chain line, plug-in line, mesh belt line, suspension line and drum assembly line. Generally, it includes traction parts, bearing members, driving devices, tensioning devices, steering devices and supporting parts. The conveyor can carry out horizontal, inclined and vertical conveying, and can also form a space conveying line, which is generally fixed. Pipeline transportation capacity, long distance, but also in the transport process to complete a number of process operations, so it is widely used.

PU Sandwich Panel Machine

According to the surface quality of the belt, ordinary cold plate and strip can be divided into 03 and 05 grades. One side of 05 plate is allowed to have PU composite plate production line, and the machine will not hinder the deformation and surface hinge layer defects, but the other side is a high-quality surface, and there must be no defects that affect the uniform appearance of electricity and painting. For the soft strip, the hardness is greatly improved after cold rolling, and the yield strength is increased by 2-3 times, so it is neither suitable nor possible to carry out stamping. In order to restore the good stamping performance of the strip, the strip must be heated to recrystallization degree, so that the broken grains in the cold rolling process can be completely recovered and recrystallized. After recrystallization heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the strip are restored, such as the reduction of deformation force and the increase of plasticity. In fact, the role of recrystallization heat treatment is not limited to this. In the annealing process, the texture of the steel is strengthened. For example, if the IF steel is in the leather furnace, the preferred orientation of the ferrite grains results in texture strengthening. If the crystal plane is parallel to the strip rolling surface, the ratio of the grain pulling is more, and the corresponding r value is also higher. Because the crystal plane is the main slip surface, and the direction is the main slip direction, the ripple system formed is parallel to the strip rolling side, During the forming process, the key plate has a strong ability of thickness reduction and good drawing performance.

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