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How to choose a new pu foaming machine

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-08-02/Keywords: pu foaming machine

How to choose a new pu foaming machine is a problem for many customers. The main reason is that with the progress of society, more and more diversified products make customers dazzled, so it is especially important to choose this product correctly. This foaming machine supporting the polyurethane color steel sandwich panel is a crucial part of the entire assembly line. Whether the foaming is good or not will directly affect the qualification of the final product. Therefore, the customer buys a foaming machine that meets the efficacy vertically. machine.

pu foaming machine

Sinowa recommends you the following 3 golden rules:

  1. Choose a supplier with brand influence, for example, do they have successful experience in this area (consistent with the production process you require).
  2. Use your own knowledge of the foaming machine, communicate with the supplier, and gain more knowledge from it. You will feel the professionalism of the manufacturer and the quality and behavior of the company's employees.
  3. In the quotation process, determine whether the supplier's accessory brand and equipment process ideas are reasonable. If the subsequent communication has affected your desire to buy, then it proves that you have chosen the right manufacturer.

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