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Precautions for hot added parts of Cold Roll Forming Machine

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The upper and lower rolls or horizontal wheels of the cold bending machine should be protected by effective tube bundles, otherwise problems may occur in the process of use. For example, the slide rail will have blurred or distorted tracks and will also be subjected to uneven stresses, which will shorten its service life.

In the rolling process of cold-formed section steel, rolling stability must be considered. If the material deflects left and right in the raceway, we must take corresponding measures. For example, during assembly, the gap between the rollers can be kept the same. And before the material bites in, the guide slope can be set to avoid this problem.

In the production process, if there is bending and twisting, the main reason is the force imbalance, so the force must be balanced in the design, so that it can be accurately processed. The hot addition part of cold-formed steel section machinery includes triangle cutting machine, dyeing machine, loader, reversing device at the bottom of heating furnace, pipe drawing machine, cooling table, etc.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

The cold processing part includes straightening machine, cutting machine, hydraulic press, hydraulic test bench, wire cutter, loader and pipe drawing machine. It is the main equipment of welded pipe mechanical equipment. The charging machine is located at the entrance of the welding furnace and can move back and forth along the front track of the furnace at a speed of 50 m / min. the tube blank is sent to the furnace bottom for heating in rhythm.

The tube blank must be cut into trapezoids before being fed into the heating furnace so that it can be easily entered into the bowl. The pipe drawing machine is located at the outlet end of the furnace and can also move back and forth at a speed of 30 m / min along the track of the furnace end, which is symmetrical with the position of the loader. The loader and the pipe extractor are equipped with a console, and the back and forth movement is controlled by a specially assigned person. The inside of the furnace can be seen clearly from the control table.

The steel pipe just welded by the pipe drawing machine is still at about 1300 ℃. It was sent to route 1 through a cooling platform at a speed of 2-10 M / min. No. 1 road will be discussed about 2 m / s. The speed is fed into the sizing machine and the temperature is cooled to 800-1000 ℃.

According to the required length, the automatic production equipment is reduced, and the requirements for operators are relatively simple and can only be completed by one person. The equipment is not only highly automated, but also easy to manage and maintain. It mainly improves the production efficiency and reduces the production and operation cost of enterprises.

Cold Roll Forming Machine

This kind of cold bending section steel machine adopts arched structure, with high strength, gearbox transmission and stable operation; the roller die design is scientific and reasonable, which has little damage to the internal structure of raw materials, reliable technology, high punching accuracy, length can be cut according to the needs, the pressing speed is about 10 meters per minute, and the output is very high.

With the development of modern industry, the demand for the number of trough cold forming lines is also increasing. The processing equipment of trough type cold bending forming line solves many problems of traditional technology and high cost, and realizes the batch production of production line model. Only one person can complete the processing from raw materials to finished products.

The main part of cold-formed steel machinery is the roller. In order to prolong its life, the principle of average force per pass is needed. The material is used to develop its wear resistance, but the specific strength and hardness are contradictory. In heat treatment, the red hardness of c12mov shall be used. After quenching, hardness can only be achieved by two to three tempering.

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