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Production Process Of Foaming Machine

Author: Sinowa/Post Date: 2021-07-20/Keywords: Foaming Machine
  1. feeding, mixing: Through the feeding system will be quantitative cement, foaming agent, stabilizing foam enhancer added mixer, dry mixed for 30 seconds;
  2. stirring: The quantitative warm water into the mixer, wet stirring for 2 minutes; Add the quantitative foaming agent into the mixer for 8-15 seconds;
  3. injection mold, foaming: The slurry is injected into the mold foam, foaming process of about 3-5 minutes;
    Foaming Machine
  4. the initial maintenance: injection mold After the completion of a number of hours for the initial maintenance;
  5. demoulding: To be foamed cement insulation board to complete the initial coagulation, with initial strength can be demoulding;
  6. cutting: With a certain intensity of foam cement insulation board blank after stripping can be cut, cutting specifications according to the need to adjust the cutting blades;
  7. the finished product maintenance: Foam cement insulation Board maintenance period should be no less than 7 days

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