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Phenolic Panel Forming Machine

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine of the PU and phenolic aldehyde surface has diversified and multifunctional production characteristics, which may produce products with different specifications such as PU, PF, PIR, etc.

The surface material may be aluminum foil, colored steel, cement base cloth, kraft paper, non-woven fabrics, etc.

The products are widely applied to such occasions as construction, decoration, pipeline ventilation, subway construction, etc.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

The phenolic panel forming machine of soft layer insulation board is able to continuously and efficiently produce high-quality PU and Phenolic insulation boards.

We spare no efforts to improve our product quality and technological reliability by employing the most cutting-edge and the most reliable support and processes to make our products highly reliable and endurable. As a result, the phenolic panel forming machine of our soft layer insulation panels is highlighted by many perfect qualities. It is the core idea in Sinowa's product roadmap to surpass our competitors in terms of design philosophy, manufacture methods and service level, going for excellence and leading position and making constant improvement on our products and services, which is also our core value system to create efficiency and convenience for our customers.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

Well-grounded on our solid strength as a renowned large-scale enterprise, Sinowa has a high starting point in developing industrial assembly lines.

Based on the advanced science and technology introduced from within and without the country and supported by a great number of first-grade parts and components from the home and aboard, these assembly lines have a high-level configuration of supporting products in terms of machinery, electrical control, hydraulic pressure, automatic measurement and tracking, and so on.

This is a strong proof of our product’s reliable quality and high efficiency.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

The first-class appearance design and excellent energy saving measures make it unnecessary for customers to additionally construct the heat preservation and isolation room for production around the clock throughout the year, so that the customers may save lots of resources and costs.

Modularized standard design and important parts machined with CNC machine tool make the production line have excellent quality assurance. Dependence on the man-made factors is eliminated. The operation is precision, with the highest operation speed of 30m/min. The phenolic panel forming machine has the world-class production efficiency.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

The high performance and reliable multicomponent cyclopentane foaming technology and equipment of Sinowa may be also applied to the foaming process of the phenolic aldehyde board. Therefore, our customers may not only freely adjust the foaming matching according to the raw material, but also save lots of costs. Moreover, they are of significance for environmental protection.

Sinowa's industrial phenolic panel forming machine of insulation panels is distinguished by its impressive performance of energy conservation. In each high point of energy consumption throughout the entire production line are implemented corresponding measures to considerably lower the consumption level.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

For example, the body of the lamination belt conveyer is covered with insulation panels in very reasonable structures, which doesn’t blemish the overall outlook but greatly increases the insulation performance.

The entire phenolic panel forming machine is constantly optimized and improved so that the consumption of each power source is significantly reduced. The motor power of our lamination conveying system is only 3.0 kw, about 50% less than those of the same kind.

All in all, the energy consumption of the whole phenolic panel forming machine equals 40% or even less of the equivalent lines in the market.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

The phenolic panel forming machine of Sinowa adopts the most advanced concepts in the world to realize the modularized design with all the parts bolted together rather than welded.

In standardized production, the parts can be dismantled and exchanged, so the production cycle is drastically shortened and the maintenance becomes by far easier.

Through finite element analysis, the equipment design is greatly optimized to realize modularization, digitization, and weight-minimalization.

Phenolic Panel Forming Machine,Sinowa

Main Technical Parameters of Continuous PU/Phenolic Insulation Panel Production Line


Sinowa is a well-known manufacturer and technical service provider of high-end polyurethane insulation board production lines and various high-performance cold roll forming machine in China. Our main products include polyurethane double-sided color steel sandwich panel production line, polyurethane and phenolic soft facing insulation panel production line and high-efficiency roll forming machines.

Since 2014, we have established our cold forming production line design and manufacturing department,  started our R&D and production of high-end cold forming equipment. Base on our innovative and high-end and efficient product concepts,In just a few years, we have created our own impressive achievements in this field. Whether ordinary construction products of cold forming machine, or precision steel pipe equipment, elevator profile equipment, automotive profile equipment, precision door and window profile equipment, we are the leader of Chinese equipment with high efficiency, high quality and beautiful appearance design.

Sinowa has invested outstanding efforts in phenolic panel forming machine, This is why our products are more efficiency, quality, automatic control technology, environmental protection, energy consumption indicators and the appearance and safety protection are comprehensively leading, Some subversive design changes in many major technical points,these major innovations make our products excellent in price/performance and user experience.

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