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Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory

Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory

Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Sinowa is a well-known Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Supplier From China, In the cold-bend roll forming field, we also pursue to produce the best cold bending roll forming machines in China, or even all over the world. We are brave to summarize the experience and lessons of our peers.

Based on them, we continuously explore innovation to make our cold roll forming machines outstanding among others, so that we may lead the world with quality and efficiency.

We strive to establish trust and long-term cooperation with customers with quality and services and will never cheat our precious partners. To operate a complete difference Chinese enterprise is our creed, which will never be changed.

Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Every type of our cold roll forming unit has the same quality standard. The cold forming machines thought of continuous innovation and improvement that we follow makes each equipment delivered different. However, the similarities are our most possible quality optimization and higher standard.

By complying with the first design principle, we have our quality and efficiency ideal start from the cold roll forming line drawing in the computer. We continuously design, optimize and check our each part to enhance the value from design to the greatest extent, even only a color.

All manufacturing processes are modularized and precision. We decide to minimize the independence of our product quality on the man-made factors.

Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Our cold roll forming machine assembly and debugging standardization guarantee that our machine complies with the work standard in both the manufacturing factory and customer’s factory. The finished cold formed steel machine and material are selected for our key roller, machine structure and control system. We firmly believe that the stable quality makes us have bright future. Therefore, we select the future forever rather than cost.

While continuously enhancing the design and manufacturing standards, we strive to make our cold roll machine save more energy and more beautiful and hope that it may become a satisfactory scene in your factory workshop, while saving precious energy. We always believe that you will come back again in such case.

Roof Panel Machine,Wall Panel Line,Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Roof / Wall Panel Line

The roof and wall roll forming machine developed and manufactured by Sinowa is highly cost-effective. Despite a short history in this field, we would conclude our counterparts’ experience and learn lessons from them, making constant innovation and sustained improvement on our products to excel our counterparts and taking the leading in terms of quality and efficiency. We are not only making devices but try our best to build up the customer’s confidence in us and commit to fulfilling the customer’s demands in their production systems. The roll forming production line is user-friendly in terms of design, manufacture, marketing and training. We are already the best but are still trying to accomplish for a higher goal.
Purline Roll Forming Machine,Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Purline Roll Forming Machine

Sinowa offers C-type and Z-type purline production lines for various plate cuts. Without exceptions, they are all the fruition of the efforts made by the technical R&D team of Sinowa,with features of excellent quality, such as reasonable product structure, beautiful appearance and high production efficiency. No matter whether it is the C-type, Z-type, or CZ interchangeable type, they are the hallmark of the leading technology in the industry, as well as your premium choice!
Clean Partition Board Line,Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Clean Partition Board Line

Sinowa has been committed to the research and development and manufacturing of high-end automatic sheet forming production lines, committed to the goal of automation and high efficiency, and has accumulated extensive experience in the production of clean partition panel board line.
Customize Profile Line,Steel Angle Roll Forming Machine Factory,Sinowa

Customize Profile Line

Over the years, Sinowa has provided customers world wide with a variety of customized products and machines based on its strong technical at design capabilities and precision control of manufacturing processes. Our machines are operating in many developed countries, continuously creating value for customers.For us, you just need to come up with your requirements and standards, SInowa will design and custom machines, produce the products you need, deliver the machines to your complete satisfaction, and provide continuous and reliable service.

Sinowa is a well-known manufacturer and technical service provider of high-end polyurethane insulation board production lines and various high-performance cold roll forming machine in China. Our main products include polyurethane double-sided color steel sandwich panel production line, polyurethane and phenolic soft facing insulation panel production line and high-efficiency roll forming machines.

Since 2014, we have established our cold forming production line design and manufacturing department,  started our R&D and production of high-end cold forming equipment. Base on our innovative and high-end and efficient product concepts,In just a few years, we have created our own impressive achievements in this field. Whether ordinary construction products of cold forming machine, or precision steel pipe equipment, elevator profile equipment, automotive profile equipment, precision door and window profile equipment, we are the leader of Chinese equipment with high efficiency, high quality and beautiful appearance design.

Sinowa has invested outstanding efforts in both the insulation board production line and the roll forming line, This is why our products are more efficiency, quality, automatic control technology, environmental protection, energy consumption indicators and the appearance and safety protection are comprehensively leading, Some subversive design changes in many major technical points,these major innovations make our products excellent in price/performance and user experience.

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